Foie Gras

Holy Hell

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Recorded and produced by Johnny Goss at Dandelion Gold.

"...while the lyrics bite deep, what really grabs the listener about the new cut is the driving, pulsing dark synth work that would fit perfectly between Yazoo's 1982 classic "Don't Go" and Depeche Mode's "Master and Servant" in a ripping DJ mix." -Revolver

"...slowly unfurling synthesizer drones, guitars that groan like belt sanders, and foreboding floor tom appropriately portentous return for Foie Gras"

- Colin Joyce, Vice

"When Foie Gras combines her loves of synth, rock, drone and darkness she is able to concoct an excellent potion of grizzling, gritty music. It draws you in by how it grinds into your brain and doesn’t let go until the fuzz fades away."

-Higher Plain Music