This was recorded with guitarist and vocalist Brad Dunn. I recorded, mixed and edited to computer taking advantage of tape transfers, various lo-fi equipment including tube preamps, stereo spring reverb and tape echo. I played bass guitar, drums and was responsible for all recording and production including editing, mixing and mastering.

"Brad Dunn’s sound is somehow timeless – there are echos of Lee Hazlewood, Ennio Morricone, and 90s guitar bands such as Polvo and Sonic Youth, among many others – and yet completely his own. There’s a certain weariness that comes through, both in the music – which is often slow and subtle – and in his somber baritone voice. At the same time, though, there is a playful energy that can’t be denied, whether in the dark humor of his lyrics or the decade- and globe-spanning turns that the music itself can take. Generally his songs manage to be slow, and often sad, while still being compelling to listen to rather than a depressing slog.

Dandelion Gold/Cock & Swan’s music has a similarly timeless quality to it. They have a brilliant knack for creating electronic-infused music that is both very new and strangely nostalgic and familiar. They employ electronics, analog technology, and live instruments deftly and in a way that lets the music speak for itself, rather than overpowering you with their sonic wizardry. It is apparent that they brought this approach to their collaboration with Dunn, and it absolutely paid off. Brad’s voice and guitar are the centerpieces of this record – the recording process for each song was based around an initial recording of him playing and singing – but Dandelion Gold clearly took a great amount of care with each song, determining how best to treat it, what instruments to add where, and most importantly what to leave alone. The result is an album that could almost have been made at any time in the past forty or so years, except for the fact that it could only have been produced by the talents of Brad and Johnny and Ola, so it is completely of the moment, and of our (very fortunate) region."

-Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly